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Bio Mat Amethyst Professional Size


This page is for US orders only. Your orders are 128bit encrypted for secure and safe transactions with your credit card, or you can pay by check or money order, see our FAQs for details.


Each Amethyst Biomat has an Amethyst layer for transferring natural infrared waves, TOCA (Tourmaline) layer for natural negative ions, carbon fiber and copper fabric layers for Electromagnetic interception, peach and grapeseed fiber layer for heat preservation, and 12 other layers.


The Biomat Amethyst comes with an advanced IC chip and soft-touch control system, which has many convenient functions.


Amethyst Bio-Mat Professional Package

     This package comes with a massage-table size Bio-Mat (27.56"w x 74"h) for all-purpose functionality and ease of mobility. Great tool for massage therapists and chiropractors, it comes with a hard shell travel case with wheels and handle for ease to carry the Bio-mat, and 100% cotton padded cover. This is an U.S F.D.A. Approved Class II Medical Device. And includes the Bio-Mat Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow which features a therapeutic shape to provide additional support for your neck while comfortably cradling your head.

$100 Professional discount with copy of license. See our FAQs for more information.
Electric Consumption: 160w
Temperature: 35c to 70c / 95f to 158f

Item #infraredbiopro
$2,045.00 + $90 s/h
Order here if you qualify for the $100 Professional discount
Item #discinfraredbiopro
$1,945.00 + $90 s/h
  Bio Mat Amethyst Professional Size

Bio-Mat Amethyst Single

     Measures 39.37"w x 77.81"h. Fits nicely on a twin bed.
Electric Consumption: 180w
Temperature: 35c to 70c / 95f to 158f
(Pillow sold seperately.)

Item #infraredbiosingle
$2,600.00 + $100 s/h
  Bio Mat Amethyst Single Size

BioMat Amethyst Queen

     Measures 55.11"w x 77.81"h. Comes with dual control to adjust settings on each side seperately.
Electric Consumption: 330w
Temperature: 35c to 70c / 95f to 158f
(Pillow sold seperately.)

Item #infraredbioqueen
$3,500.00 + $130 s/h
  Bio Mat Amethyst Queen Size

Bio-Mat Amethyst Mini-Mat

     Measures 19"w x 33"h. Perfect for Dental, Office, or anywhere a contoured shape is needed.
Electric Consumption: 100w
Temperature: 35c to 70c / 95f to 158f
(Pillow sold seperately.)

Item #infraredbiomini
$670 + $40 s/h
  Bio Mat Amethyst Mini Size

BioMat Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow

     Originally developed for NASA this space-age Elastic memory foam conforms to your head and neck to ensure an anatomically supportive sleep posture. Features a therapeutic shape to provide additional support for your neck while comfortably cradling your head. Keeps your head cool while your body gets hot, and allows the healing properties of the Amethyst crystals to calm and relax your mind. Includes a luxurious velour zip cover for easy cleaning. Considered a must according to Eastern Medicine.

Item #infraredbiopillow
$350.00 + $30 s/h
  BioMat Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow

Become a Distributor

     Fill out our ISA (Independent Sales Agreement), and receive Distributor Kit which contains everything you need to start selling the BioMat including several brocures, order forms, and information material. Also gives you 1 Business Center (if you have not ordered a BioMat).

If you have any questions when filling out the agreement, feel free to contact me. If you don't have a sponsor I would be happy to be your sponsor and help you along the way, just enter my name, Steve Mullen, in the sponsor field when filling out the agreement.

ISA (Independent Sales Agreement)

Water Ionizer Alkal-Life 7000SL

     Water purification and Ionizer system
Voice automated
Creates purified Alkaline Ion water as well as Acidic water from ordinary tap water
U.S. F.D.A. Medical Device: 300505378

Item #infraredalkal
$2,000.00 + $40 s/h
  Water Ionizer Alkal-Life 7000SL

When you order, shipping fees will be automatically added to your total. Additional cost for International shipping will be added after you order based on your location. We will notify you of the additional fees for your approval. Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Alaska, and Puerto Rico will add additional $25. Other countries please email for your additional fees. Fees are determined based on your country, city and address. In addition, a country tax may be added to your order.

*Legal Disclaimer. Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every individual is unique, you may wish to consult with your health care practitioner about the use of our product in your particular situation. The information on this site has been complied by presenting material (taken out of context) from the research study of the records of doctors: Dr. Takada Maku, Dr. Hatashita Toshiuki, Dr. Hirohuchi Mitchio, and Dr. Ota Nobuoi of Toho University Hospital Japan. These research records were developed over a 40 year period of time. Bibliography: Dr. Sang Whang 'Reverse Aging', MD., Ted Rozema 'Chelaton Therapy', and Dr. Fred Soyka with Alan Edmonds 'The Ion Effect'.

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